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The breeding station Tosa Inu Aschabey works with breeding Tosa Inu dogs.

We have six dogs in our station. Nine years old Interchampion male Boy is champion in nine countries, european winner 2008, 2009 and has a lot of pricing. Seven years old female Chisaki has a lot of pricing from various countries. In March 2009 we imported new dog STONEWALL'S TADASHI with Japanese blood. In year 2011 we kept a female from our kennel after Chisaki x Tadashi, her name is Deborah. In September 2011 we have a new dog, his name is D-Sakki. New members of our kennel are Goliaht Aschabey and Cuthambe Terra Mirabilis Gemma.


The breeding station TOSA INU ASCHABEY

Denisa a Petr Melkovi
Doubí 767
679 63 Velké Opatovice
+420 777 252 800                     

 Deborah Boy a Beyla

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Chisaki D-Sakki